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CISS Market is now online

CISS market, the revolutionary system that saves up to 95% of your printing cost. What exactly is CISS? As the name says it’s a continuous ink supply systeminstalled along with your printer. It’s directly connected to your printer’s ink cartridges and they never get empty. External ink tanks, which are part of the CISS are located near the printer. Can be 4, 5, 6 or 8 separate tanks, depending on your printer. Each is filled with ink of a certain color. One tube carry the ink from the tanks inside the printer in the ink cartridge. However the CISS does not affect the quality of your printings, it only saves the money for new printing cartridges and the time of going to a store buying ink. A single CISSink system represents approximately 28 cartridges of ink, often disposed with some remaining ink in them making it more expensive. is a simple solution for purchasing online the system and also the portal offers a great tutorial about how to install or use the CISS. With the online store now launched it’s more easy to find solutions for your printer, ink cartridge, ink supply and tips about how to improve a printing process. Don’t think too much about it and go now to and check out the offer!

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