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Am gasit un comentariu destul de interesant pe YouTube referitor la viata lui Eminem si albumele acestuia...

when i was "CLEANIN OUT MY CLOSET" i found a old CD of Eminem a.k.a "THE

REAL SLIM SHADY" i started listenin to it and "SANG FOR THE MOMENT" i

have always been a "STAN" of Eminem and "WITHOUT HIM (ME)" i think i

might "LOSE MY SELF (YOURSELF)" and "TILL I COLLAPSE" i want to fly like

a "MOCKING BIRD" or even better as "SUPERMAN" because "WHEN IM GONE" i want to let everyone know my life was "BEAUTIFUL" im "NOT AFRAID" to hit "ROCK BOTTOM" because i was born like a "TOY SOLDIER"

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