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Printers, how to buy them?

Using the PC for both gaming and document editing most likely bring you a desire to buy a printer or a multifunctional device to improve electronics systems in your house. Well most people who would like to buy a printer go for the cheapest solution thinking it's a good solution when reading manufacturers details like hundreds of pages with a single cartidge. Usually go for a middle price printer or a multifunctional device. These kind of printers are more flexible and reliable and also are compatible with the new CISS system. If you would like to use the printer for photos at a higher quality I would recomand Epson Stylus or Canon MG5150.
If you ask me inkjet or laser printer I would say to go for a inkjet one. I use one since 2007 and still works, also inkjet printers are compatible with plain and photopapers and besides that inkjet printers are CISS compatible. The laser ones print only on plain paper and mostly black&white. To add collor powder can rise the price of the printer twice. One more important thing: avoid "built in" cartridge printers, these are the cheapest on the market but they are designed to last only a short period of time. If you need more information about how to buy a printer I recomand you to visit CISSmarket. They will help you no matter what.

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