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CISS - What is it and why to install it?

I don't know if you heard about the new ink delivery system invented and released on the market. At first you should know that a CISS means Continuous Ink Supply System. How is it working and why you should use one? Well this "system" is a separate tank with ink (black, color like yellow, green, red, blue etc.) which are connected to your ink cartridge in the printer. This way they’ll never get empty and save the cost of buying new ink cartridges or separately ink in them. The tanks with the ink are stored outside the printer so there is no problem with the space in it or ruining something in it. The system is compatible with CISS Epson, CISS Canon and any other printer manufacturers. With this kind of system you can save a lot more money because the printers based on ink have special cartridges that prevent refilling at the shop and makes you to buy new original ones. The cartridges have certain chips that recording the level of the ink in the cartridge and makes it impossible to use the again even if you refill them at a special shop. CISS comes whit another system and that is a resettable chip restarting the cartridge electronic system so you can use it again and again for a long time from there on. These are the reasons why CISS comes to your support and assuring you that saving 95% is more that a possible dream. The package comes with certain instructions and user’s manual so you’ll find it very easy to install and start using it. Go now to, find your printer and order the best Continuous Ink supply system.

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