Why you should open a company in France

Many foreign investors choose France to set up a company due to the fact that this country is the 5th most powerful economy in the world and is well known for its sectors with a good development over the years, such as: tourism, pharmaceuticals, aerospace industry, food and beverage and industrial machinery. Almost half of the French companies are owned by international investors and this country is the world 5th largest exporter of goods and services.
This is a good beginning for international investors who intend to open a company in France that offers very good connections with the other countries in Europe and other continents.
Investors who decide to start doing business in France should know that incorporation of a company in this country is not difficult at all. A firm may be registered online and the procedure doesn’t last more than seven days once the documents are ready. It’s not mandatory for the businessmen to go the public institutions to pay taxes or solve the issues related to social security agencies.
The online procedure is used also for hiring personnel: the owner of a company should prepare the pre-hiring declaration form eight days before employing new people. This form can be sent online to the entity that is in charge with employment and additionally the owner of the business should declare the employees to the labor inspection office and register them for the supplementary retirement funds.
For a private limited liability company in France, you don’t have to pay a minimum share capital, but if you set up a public limited liability company, the amount required is 37,000 EUR.
For the registration of the new company, you have to prepare the articles of association, to deposit at the bank the minimum share capital (if it’s mandatory) and to have a declaration from the management which confirms that they can act as directors.
If you need detailed information about how to set up a company in France and the legislation in this country, you can read more at www.lawyersfrance.eu.

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